“It’s been our pleasure to have Naomi as our coordinator. She and Sarah were such a big help and we really appreciated it. Naomi gave me the peace of mind that I needed for that day. I truly appreciated her patience with me and I know I was not the best or cooperative bride, but she made it work. There were just those tiny details that were missing but I understand it’s my fault and I didn’t discuss these details with Naomi nor give her any clear instructions. But all in all, I think it went very well and we are very pleased. Thanks again.”

Charlotte & David, May 2018



“Naomi, thank you for your excellent care for us during our wedding! We were very satisfied with your wedding coordination and would recommend you to others. Everything went smoothly, and we did not encounter any problems. We feel like everything turned out well. Thank you for answering our questions and helping us get through the planning process as well!”
Anthony & Kelley, March 2018



“Naomi was so patient with us and we really appreciated that. We had so many last-minute details that we had decided on and it really helped to be able to work with a patient coordinator. We were so happy with the way our wedding turned out and couldn’t have done it without her.”

Jennifer & Ryan, August 2016



“Naomi kept time so well and accurately on the day of and we didn’t have to worry about anything. She helped keep us on track a few months before the wedding and that was very helpful! She was very supportive, flexible and a great listener to all our ideas while also giving helpful feedback. She also got back to all our emails/texts/messages promptly. The wedding was everything that we wanted!”

Claudine & Ruslan, April 2015